Department of Veterans Affairs

Long-Term Care Services for Veterans

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), an operating unit of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is a direct service provider of health care, similar in many ways to a large private sector health care system. In addition to providing inpatient, outpatient, and a range of other medical care services, the VHA provides and purchases long-term care services. The VA is one of two federal payers of long-term care services (the other being Medicaid).

VA Programs provide several patient care options for home care, home health care and Hospice agencies. Eligibility for VA long-term care programs depends on eligibility for VA health care, which is based on meeting specific enrollment criteria. Call us for more information about the VA Long-term Programs that are available and the credentialing requirements to be approved to provide these services.

  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Community Residential Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Homemaker / Home Health Aide Care
  • Respite Care
  • Home Skilled Care
  • Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services