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We process credentialing applications for healthcare providers so that they can bill health plans and receive in-network reimbursement.

We Offer Medicare Waivers & Health Insurance Credentialing Services to Home Care Agencies, Behaviorial Health Agencies, and Hospice Agencies.

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You've worked hard in starting up your home health care agency, Now it's time get credentialed so you'll be able to bill 3rd party payer sources, such as Medicaid Waiver, Worker's Compensation, Veteran's Programs, and other health insurance plans. We not only walk you through the steps of provider enrollment, we will actually do it for you so you can spend more time on your home care business and less time worrying about the details. We've been helping home care businesses across the country for over 25 years and have helped more than 5,000 agencies with the ability to bill health plans and receive in-network reimbursement. We work with providers of all specialties and can assist with credentialing in your specific states.

Our attention to detail and the quality of our work is truly best in class. Let our experts help you navigate these waters and help you get on your way to a prosperous future in your home care agency business.

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